Lightsaber Pretzles

I feel like I’ve been gone from the blog forever.

Although part of me felt a bit lame taking a break when #4 came along, I know I would not judge anyone else for doing the same. Why are we always so hard on ourselves?

Things are great, by the way. Besides being very tired and still carrying all of the pregnancy weight, I’ve got a beautiful and very happy little girl.

The other thing I feel you missed was our Season of Star Wars.

The new movie that came out last year only served to strengthen our family’s love of all things Star Wars.

Then, with Christmas and both boys’ birthdays occurring shortly after, we’ve been bombarded with lightsabers and Millennium Falcon toys.

I actually made these Lightsaber Pretzels for one of the boys birthdays back at the beginning of the year.

I wanted to save them to share on May the Fourth, and then almost completely forgot!

Luckily, they’re easy enough that you still have plenty of time to plan for this simple treat that will be a big hit with any of your Star Wars fans, young or old.

I have to tell you that the inspiration for these Lightsaber Pretzels came from an unwanted unexpected Christmas present.

My kids have sadly learned how to add items to their Amazon wish lists and decided to add every color of sugar sprinkle (we later discovered he thought they were different colors of Pop Rocks).

One of the grandparents then thought that was a brilliant idea for an inexpensive present that they obviously wanted (it was on their wish list after all).

Fast forward 1 month to the first birthday and I am busily trying to come up with fun and simple Star Wars ideas.

I knew I wanted to make Lightsaber Pretzels, but initially thought I was going to color the almond bark lightsaber colors and just dip them.

Then I spied the sprinkles in the cupboard in the same place they had been since Christmas.

In all the right lightsaber colors I wanted! And, I must say, add just the right amount of sparkle to a sword that is supposed to be made from light crystals (sometimes I’m scared by the knowledge I have retained from my children’s obsessions).

Now, I used the small simple pretzel sticks and they were perfect for a little finger food snack, but these would be awesome on the big pretzel rods. I also used the more coarse of the sugar sprinkles, but there are finer that would also work.

Lightsabers also come in other colors, but I wanted to stick to the basics (Darth Vader, Luke, Yoda).

Lightsaber Pretzels
Lightsaber Pretzels

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 32 minutes


  • 1 bag pretzel sticks
  • 12 oz. white almond bark
  • different color sugar crystal sprinkles


  1. Prepare 2 cookie sheets lined with silicone baking mats.
  2. Pour each color of sprinkles onto it's own separate plate.
  3. Melt almond bark according to directions on package.
  4. Dip pretzels in the almond bark about 2/3 of the way (leaving the 'handle' of the lightsaber bare). Make sure to allow any excess to drip off the pretzel before rolling in the sprinkles; too much almond bark will just make for a big mess and not very neat lightsabers.
  5. Roll the pretzel in one of the chosen colors until covered and then lay on prepared baking sheet to dry.
  6. Repeat with rest of the pretzels.
Lightsaber Pretzels

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