Traditional Chex Mix

I am typically drawn toward the non-traditional when it comes to food. I’m always trying to make recipes just a little more exciting in some way. This recipe is very much like the traditional, savory type of Chex mix that has been around forever. If left to my own devices, I probably never would have […]

Parmesan Mac-n-Cheese

If you like macaroni and cheese and parmesan, then you’ve got to try this 30 minute recipe! it’s the perfect side dish but yummy enough to be the main!

Crock Pot Enchilada Rice

Enchilada Rice is delicious, but toss it into the crock pot and it’s even better! A simple side dish that is tasty enough to be a main dish too!

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread

Homemade whole wheat oatmeal bread is packed with flavor and a family favorite! We couldn’t stop eating this oatmeal bread and you wont be able to either!

Ultimate Green Salad

The Ultimate Green Salad made with all things green; veggies, tortilla strips and avocado lime ranch dressing. A perfect lunch or side dish for St. Patrick’s Day!

Green Chile Cheesy {Funeral} Potatoes

Green Chile Cheesy {Funeral} Potatoes are a unique twist to the classic funeral potatoes. This cheesy Potato casserole is a perfect side dish to any meal!

Fancy Browned Rice

This fancy browned rice is a family favorite. It goes perfectly with any chicken or steak dinner and makes it seem just a bit fancy.

This restaurant-inspired recipe for a kicked up macaroni and cheese is so super delicious. It’s very cheesy and great for dinner or as a side dish.

Wanting to try something new for your mashed potatoes? This year, we added flavor with caramelized onions and found it made for some pretty tasty taters!

Simple but delicious side dish – we love using all different vegetables with this recipe. Use your favorite fall vegetables to make a healthy, easy, and super yummy addition to your meal!