These cookie sandwiches taste like oatmeal creme pies, but better because they’ve got apple and they’re homemade!


Stroopwafel. They sell packaged versions of these waffle cookies in Europe. We finally found a version that came close to their deliciousness. Thick syrup is sandwiched between two thin, buttery waffles thins – nummy for sure!

The husband who claims to dislike pumpkin ate a whole pan of these in one sitting! Soft and perfectly spiced pumpkin cookies topped with brown butter frosting that really hit that fall craving! Too yummy to pass up!

These super simple cookie cups have all sots of deliciousness: oatmeal, peanut butter and chocolate. They’re chewy and super yummy and take about 30 minutes to whip up!

Long time favorite cookie of my whole family – Chocolate Waffle Cookies with chocolate frosting. Super yummy and oh-so-easy!

We went all out with these ice cream sandwiches. White chocolate and dark chocolate cookies sandwich chocolate ice cream and make for the perfect summer treat!

These cookies are definitely not your everyday kind of cookie. Chocolate cookies layered with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, a marshmallow and a rich ganache! They’re like a once a year kind of thing, but you’ll want them more than that because they’re amazingly yummy!

Chocolate and Peanut Butter unite once again in this homemade version of everyone’s favorite Oreo cookie!

These s’more cookies are made with graham cracker crumbs and are full of chocolate and marshmallow goodness. They’re some of the best chewy, gooey cookies there are!

I have stopped my search for the perfect chewy chocolate cookie. This is it, and of course had to add a bit of peanut butter but these are good with any type of chocolate chip too!