Hi! I’m Jodie. Wife, mom to four crazies and lover of all things yummy (or as my daughter loves to say, “delectable!”). I’m so excited to share with you all the wonderful things that come out of my kitchen. I cook for a real family and they are really picky, so when I share something, that means it has passed a pretty strict¬†test. They won’t always be healthy (mostly because there are too many definitions of healthy these days), although I do try for a balance between dinners with fresh ingredients and rich brownies or chewy cookies.

I believe in two things about food: 1. Moderation really is the best way to go. Meaning, eating a variety of all the good things including dessert. 2. Homemade is almost always better. I say almost because there are those rare things that just taste better when you don’t have to make them. Like most deep fried things. We don’t eat them very often, and it makes my house smell and the clean-up is not fun. But for the most part when I go out to eat, I’m looking for a way to make it at home and that’s what I love to share with all of you!

Because of my philosophies on food, my recipes can be quite varied. Some are a bit more difficult, but if they are, it will be worth it! Most of the time my recipes will be simple, easy and delectable. Because, really, who has time for more than that?